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EPR Club / DSD lunch debate - 17 October 2017


“Extended Producer Responsibility and Competition: The importance of consistent implementation”

17 October 2017 | 12.30 - 14.30

Despite the fact that Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in general plays an important role in the European Union’s waste management, there is a strong ongoing debate about the question if it is better to implement competitive or single-scheme solutions.

To answer that question and to identify best-practice criteria and framework conditions for EPR schemes, EcoEmballages/Citeo (France), Repak (Ireland), ARA (Austria) and Der Grüne Punkt - DSD (Germany) commissioned a study with Deloitte, which takes a closer look at the two main operational EPR-models and analyses under which conditions it is more beneficial to implement one or the other model.

Based on an analysis of the existing EPR-schemes for the collection and recycling of packaging in Austria, France, Germany and Ireland, the study discusses the benefits and drawbacks of each system when applied in different national settings. It provides important insights for the ongoing negotiations on the waste proposals and their implementation on the national level.


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