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EPR Club / Eco-emballages lunch debate - 8 December 2016


Hosted by Eco-emballages

Recovering all plastic packaging: effects on the separate collection schemes

8 December 2016 | 12.30 - 16.00



In the context of a Resource Efficient Europe, increasing the reuse and recycling of materials is considered a high priority for realising the vision of a circular economy within the EU. The European Commission’s recent revision of the EU waste legislation includes proposals for higher targets for the recycling of different waste streams and materials. It specifically includes significantly higher recycling targets for plastic packaging waste, as compared to the existing ones (45% by 2020 and 60% by 2025).

Achieving these new targets would require considerable expansion in the recycling of plastic waste in EU-28. This implies a rethinking and redesign of already existing models for collecting packaging waste.

This EPR Club lunch debate, hosted by Eco-Emballages, will focus on possible transformation paths allowing the recovery of more plastic packaging from households. It will also shed light on the impacts such transformation will have on separate collection schemes and on the different actors involved in the process (local authorities, producers, PROs, citizens..).



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