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A platform for exchange and debate about EPR in Europe amongst key stakeholders and experts

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  • EPR Club / Reloop Platform lunch debate: Modern Deposit Return within EPR: Taking a closer look at costs and benefits to producers, retail and local authorities. Brussels, 7 June 2016, 13.30 - 16.30 (Mundo B). Presentations and summary now available!
  • EPR Club / SUEZ lunch debate: Spreading EPR good practices around EUROPE: the role of the EPR CLUB within the European Commission proposal for setting up a platform of exchange. Brussels, 26 April 2016. Presentations and minutes now available!
  • EPR Club / DSD lunch debate: EPR in new Circular Economy package - Realising the ecological guidance effect of EPR. Download the presentations!
  • The EPR Club welcomes APEAL as a new EPR Club member!
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Upcoming events
  • EPR Club / ACR+ and Rreuse lunch debate: How to support reuse and preparing for reuse through EPR? Brussels, 22 September 2016
  • EPR Club / DSD lunch debate: The EU's Landfill ban, the Waste Hierarchy and EPR: How should infrastructure development prioritise recycling over energetic recovery? Brussels, 25 October 2016
  • EPR Club / Eco-Emballages: Recovering all plastic packaging: effects on the selective collection schemes. Brussels, 22 November 2016 

What is an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)?

Extended Producer Responsibility is an environmental policy approach in which the producer's responsibility for reducing environmental impact and managing the product is extended across the whole life cycle of the product, from selection of materials and design to its end-of-life, and especially for their take-back, recycling and disposal. For more information click here

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The European EPR Club was launched as an ACR+ initiative together with the following co-founders:



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