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20 April 2023 || Deposit and return systems, what is coming your way?

In November 2022, the Commission proposed a new regulation on Packaging and Packaging Waste. Article 44 of the draft regulation foresees that by 1 January 2029, Member States will set up deposit and return systems (DRS) for single-use plastic beverage bottles and single-use plastic beverage containers with a capacity of up to three litres, with the exception of wine, spirit drinks and milk and milk products. What does it imply for Member States? Why are some stakeholders so reluctant to implement such a system, especially in Member States, where there is already a well-established EPR system? Why does article 44, as it is written so far, not satisfy them?

With this meeting, we intend to bring to your ears different voices and allow discussions on the topic. Do you want to find out more on how different stakeholders in Europe will approach the situation? Register now!

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