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EPR Club – Objectives and Activities

The EPR Club was founded in 2012 on an initiative of ACR+ together with some of its members, and with the support of the European Commission. The aim is to bring together stakeholders from all concerned areas and to further a dialogue on EU policy developments and technical implementation of EPR systems throughout Europe.

Since its creation the EPR Club constantly grew in size and scope and forms today a real multi-stakeholder platform, including members from public authorities, Producer Responsibility Organisations, waste management companies, producers material federations and NGOs.

Objectives of the EPR Club

  • Allow dialogue on EU policy  developments and strategies regarding EPR schemes and their technical implementation
  • Clarify the EPR concept towards policy-makers and the civil society
  • Build a joint initiative to identify the good practices in the EPR field, to disseminate them widely or even reinforce the European legal bases
  • Identify and highlight the factors that drive the implementation of  EPR schemes
  • Increase the knowledge and commitment of the producers themselves and identify the social and financial impacts and opportunities for all stakeholders involved
  • Strengthen each level of the waste hierarchy and minimise the environmental impact of products across their entire lifecycle

Activities of EPR Club

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