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  • WEEE Forum invites you to EPR Grand Challenge Conference 7 December 2022 11:00 - 23:00 Brussels

    The WEEE Forum is turning 20 this year and so is the world’s first supranational Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation regarding electrical and electronic waste – EU Directive 2002/96/EC. Many reasons to celebrate, but also to reflect on the past and ponder the future. What lessons have we learnt in the past two decades? How can we improve the design of EPR legislation? How can legislation set us on a sustainable course and make the economy more circular, more resilient, more self-reliant? How can we collectively address the worldwide societal challenge of e-waste? The WEEE Forum is thus inviting you to join them on 7 December 2022 in Brussels to celebrate, discuss and meet your peers from all over the world! Find all the necessary information (programme, speakers and more) and get your ticket on

  • 2 Billion Lamps Recycled – A EucoLight webinar 10 February 2021 11:00 - 12:30 Online

    To celebrate the 2 billion lamps collected by its members, EucoLight is organising a webinar to share facts related to this achievement. The webinar will also provide gain insights to the current situation of the WEEE Directive and EPR; the importance of Producer Responsibility Organisations; the future of recycling in Europe.

    The audience will hear testimony from compliance schemes, contributions of producers to circular economy, the views of DG Environment, and perspective on Circular economy by a Member of the European Parliament, Ms Simona Bonafè.


What is Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)?

Extended Producer Responsibility is an environmental policy approach in which the producer's responsibility for reducing environmental impact and managing the product is extended across the whole life cycle of the product, from selection of materials and design to its end-of-life, and especially for their take-back, recycling and disposal.

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