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AICA webinar “La Gestione Dei Rifiuti nell’Emergenza COVID19”

The recording of the webinar “La Gestione Dei Rifiuti nell’Emergenza COVID19” organised by EPR Club member AICA and ERICA is available online. In it, EPR Club member ACR+ presented the work conducted regarding the adaptation of municipal waste systems to the situation.

Close the Glass Loop with FEVE

Close the Glass Loop, the Circular Economy Platform for Glass Packaging brings together the different parts of the glass collection and recycling value chain to establish a programme for more bottle-to-bottle recycling. It aims to increase the quantity and quality of available recycled glass. Partners currently include ACR+, FEVE, FEVER, EXPRA, and individual EPR schemes such as EPR Club members DSD and CITEO.

Meet ARC at the Circular Economy Hotpsot Catalonia 2020

EPR Club member the Catalan Waste Agency is getting ready to host and co-organise the Circular Economy Hotspot Catalonia 2020, one of the biggest yearly European events on the circular economy. It will take place in Barcelona between 16 and 19 November 2019. This year’s themes go from circular design, to inclusive circularity, to bioeconomy, and closing the loops of materials, components and products.


Rudologia is co-organising the International Stewardship Forum 2019

With more than 400 EPR programs operating worldwide for nearly 20 types of products, the International Forum will forge strong relationships between product stewardship professionals around the globe from government, industry, nonprofits, academia, and other sectors.

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