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EPR (R)evolution in the European Context – On the future of EPR Schemes in the field of waste management

Event Overview

Additional Materials

  • Conference Proceedings
  • Summary of Discussions in English and French
  • Photo Gallery

Presentations: Session 1: EPR Schemes in Europe - An Overview

  • Mathieu Hestin - BioIntelligence Service: Development of Guidance on Extended Producer Responsibility
  • Peter Börkey - OECD: EPR - Global Overview and some insights

Presentations: Session 2: EPR and Prevention

  • Video Presentation by EcoEmballage (In French)
  • Gaëlle Janssens - FostPlus: Packaging prevention and EPR organizations
  • Mike Van Acoleyen - ARCADIS: How to make EPR work for better life cycle performance of products
  • Michal Len - RREUSE: EPR and the role of reuse and preparation for reuse activities

Presentations: Session 3: Economic Aspects and Competition Law

  • Maarten Dubois - KU Leuven: EPR: The Gap between Economic theory and implementation
  • Philipp Saar - BellandVision & SITA Germany: Competition and EPR for sales packaging in Germany
  • Patrick Thieffry - Thieffry & Associés: EU Competition Law & EPR Systems

Presentations: Session 4: What can and should be done at the EU level?

  • Francis Radermaker - Brussels Capital Region: What should be done at the EU level?
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