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Modern Deposit Return within EPR

Taking a closer look at costs and benefits to producers, retail and local authorities

Since the introduction of single-use beverage containers, there has been much debate — both in the beverage industry, and among politicians and the public — over what is the most efficient way to collect them for recycling. Some argue that these containers should be recovered as part of the existing household separate collection systems operating in most member states. Others argue for the need to establish complimentary systems (i.e. deposit return), which focus specifically on the recovery of beverage containers in an effort to capture those consumed away from home.

Deposit return systems for single-use beverage containers already exist in nearly one third of member states, with Lithuania being the most recent to implement such a system in February 2016. Interest in deposit return is growing among environmental groups because of the marine litter problem. Interest from recyclers is driven by the need for greater quantities of high-quality secondary material. Even some retailers are beginning to see new revenue opportunities when they offer take-back services to their customers and maintain ownership of the plastic to use as raw material in their own private label beverage bottles.

The Reloop Platform is hosting the June EPR Club debate to take a closer look at the financial impact of introducing (or modernizing existing) modern deposit return programs for beverage containers in member states. The debate will not focus on the environmental impacts, but rather on the costs and benefits to municipalities, retailers and the beverage industry.


This is an EPR Club event only open for EPR Club members (including ACR+ members). You can register to this event by sending an email to [email protected], including your full name, organisation, function, and the event name.

Please note that seating is limited. A basic lunch will be provided.

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  • Clarissa Morawski: RELOOP
  • Kjell Olav A. Maldum: INFINITUM
  • Saulius Galadauskas, Gintaras Varnas, Laurynas Vilimas: Lithuanian DR system
  • Piet Vink: ALDI
  • Dominic Hogg: EUNOMIA

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