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The Authorization of PRO’s

Producer Responsibility Organizations (PROs) fulfil on behalf of obliged industry their legal obligations. Especially for packaging waste arising at municipalities the PROs usually in close cooperation with municipalities have to establish and maintain the necessary infrastructure for the collection and sorting of packaging waste.

Moreover, they have to ensure that the collected packaging waste has to be treated in the right way, even and especially in times where even the sorted packaging waste has a negative value so that recyclers have to be paid to recycle the packaging waste.

In order to fulfill all of these tasks, the PROs have to have solid financial basis. In addition to this, there are other basic criteria to be met, such as providing for respective level of transparency concerning ownership, the kind of packaging under the contract of the PROs, etc. In order to ensure this a consolidated public surveillance over PROs is needed. It may be provided inter alia through defining a clear authorization process (recognition procedure to act as a PRO) and this authorization should be renewed on a regular basis[i].

The lunch debate aimed to stimulate a constructive stakeholder dialogue on if and how the authorization process should guarantee the proper functioning of the PROs.

[i] (c.f. Development of Guidance on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).FINAL REPORT. European Commission – DG Environment 2014)

Event Overview


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  • Joachim Quoden: Introduction
  • Monika Romenska: ECOPACK Bulgaria
  • Srečko Bukovec: Slopak. Situation in Slovenia
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