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Strengthening EPR: Is the current EPR implementation enough for a circular economy?

The Catalan Foundation for Waste Prevention – Fundació Catalana per a la Prevenció de Residus i el Consum Responsible, FPRC, has conducted a study on the waste management in Barcelona that has allowed FPRC to get some insight into the efficiency of the waste management and EPR schemes in Barcelona.

Based on this study, FPRC is now, together with other European partners, working on a European report on waste management and EPR schemes and their efficiency.

At this lunch debate, FPRC will present this study as well as the current work conducted on a European level, all circulating around the question if the current implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility is enough for moving towards a Circular Economy?

To discuss this question, FPRC as well as external experts will present suggestions on how to rethink EPR schemes and discuss them with EPR Club members present.


Delegation of the Government of Catalonia to the European Union Rue de la Loi 227, 1000 ( View Location )

Event Overview


  • Download the summary report


  • Victor Mitjans, FPRC: EPR for Circular Economy
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